Problems With a Buick Rainier

by Steven Symes

The Buick Rainier sport-utility vehicle has been the subject of several safety recalls during the model years 2004 and 2005. If you own a Rainier from either model year, you can take the vehicle to a Buick dealership to check if the recall work has been performed yet or not.

Brake Light

The brake lights on some 2004 Rainiers have been recalled. The bulb in the brake light can loosen as the vehicle vibrates while being driven, causing the brake light to stop illuminating. Without the brake light working properly, other drivers on the road may not realize the Rainier is stopping and will fail to stop as well, causing a collision.

Turn Signals

The 2004 Rainiers have experienced trouble with the turn signals as well, which has prompted a separate recall. When the driver goes to signal a turn, all four of the turn signals on the vehicle may flash instead of only those on the left or right side of the vehicle. Other drivers may mistake that the vehicle's hazard lights are on and not realize the driver is signaling to turn, causing a collision. Dealerships will replace the flasher module in affected vehicles to prevent this problem.


The 2005 Rainier's windshield has prompted a safety recall. These windshields don't meet the federal government safety standard for how windshields are to be mounted, as the urethane may not adhere to the body of the vehicle in some spots. In an accident, the windshield could possibly come loose, entering the vehicle and injuring its occupants. As a resolution, dealerships will replace any offending windshields, ensuring the new ones are properly bonded with the vehicle's body.

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