How to Privately Sell a Car

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Selling your car can give you cold hard cash if you decide to do it privately. Selling it yourself takes away the middleman so that you don't lose precious equity by letting a dealer take ownership and giving you less than you feel that your car is worth. To sell your car yourself takes knowledge of how it should be done so that you don't lose out or make an expensive mistake.

Advertise a fair price. Get the fair market value of your automobile by utilizing services such as Kelly Blue Book. Be sure to note the condition of your car and any extras you may have added, such as an aftermarket stereo or new tires and rims.

Find a place to advertise. There are many ways to advertise your vehicle for sale. You can put an ad in the paper or utilize free newspaper advertisements. There are online services you can place in ad in such as Craig's List. Some people even park their automobiles for sale in a parking lot, but be sure to get permission first. You can even put a "For Sale" sign in your rear window.

Meet with people who are interested in your vehicle. Once you have an interested party, allow her to test drive your car only if you are with her. Make certain that you notify her of any repairs that need to be made so that you can protect yourself from a lawsuit later on.

Have the proper paperwork and tasks done. Once you are ready to sell your vehicle, make sure you have all of the proper paperwork that is needed to transfer the title. Have all of your extra keys handy and your personal property out of the car. If you are accepting a check, be sure that it has cleared the bank before handing over the title. Make sure that you also give your customer a proper receipt with any notations that may be necessary such as writing down that the recipient knows of a certain repair and is fine with it.


  • check Make sure your car is clean so that you can show it to potential customers when it looks its best.


  • close Never let someone take your car without you being there.

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