How to Find Police Auto Auctions

by Rui Rodrigues

Law enforcement agencies across the United States hold auctions to sell off vehicles that they don't need. Some of these are local police departments, while others are Federal law enforcement agencies. These auctions are set up throughout the U.S. for ease of inspection and transportation, but most are conducted online. Each step below is a different online auction site that sells police and government vehicles. Directions for navigating each site are included in the step.


Go to and hover over the link labeled "Automotive." When more appear, click on "Cars." You can now filter by specific locations, or leave it set to all locations. Vehicles will be displayed, and you may bid online after registering.


For Federal agency auctions visit On the left you will see the auction locations and in the middle you will see inventory. The locations that currently have inventory will have hyperlinks to the inventory list. Click on the links to see the available vehicles.


You should also visit They conduct auctions for some local and Federal law enforcement agencies. On the first page, scan down the left and click on the link labeled "Cars and Vehicles." This brings you to a page where you see all categories of vehicles listed. Those with inventory will be hyperlinks. Click on either "Passenger Vehicles" or "Commercial Vehicles," depending on what you are looking for. You may bid after registering.

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