How to Petition for a Traffic Light

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If you feel strongly about the need for a traffic light in your neighborhood, you have a right to petition for one. That's what free speech is all about. The key is to handle it professionally. Take it step by step.

Step 1

Gather a group of concerned residents. There's power in numbers. Share your concerns with each other about the traffic light. Compile any photo proof of accidents, injuries or speeding if possible.

Step 2

Write your petition statement. This is a summary of your grievances. It explains why the traffic light is necessary and who is at danger without one.

Step 3

Include space below the petition statement for signatures, addresses and email addresses. Print off several copies of your petition.

Step 4

Distribute the petitions to group members. Divide up and go door to door, set up a table outside a local store and give a presentation at the next neighborhood-watch meeting.

Step 5

Create a website where people can sign the petition 24 hours a day. All they have to do is click a button, enter their name, email address and comments. Determine a cut-off date for the petition campaign. Preferably, this is right before the next town or city council meeting.

Step 6

Go to a town or city council meeting with your petition in hand. Sign up to speak during the public portion of the meeting. State your case and hand in the petition.

Seek help from a higher power. Send the petition to local lawmakers. This includes assemblymen and senators. Follow up with phone calls.

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