How to perform a combustion chamber service to your car

by braniac

A combustion chamber service can improve the health of your engine while also improving gas mileage.

First go out and buy one can of combustion chamber cleaner. You can find this at pretty much any auto parts store. It comes in aerosol can with a small spray nozzle on top. Kind of like a can spray paint. They are usually very cheap. In this case price doesn't mean anything. They all work just fine so pick up the cheapest one.

throttle body

Open the hood of your car and locate the throttle body. See image for a idea. You probably notice this air box is connected to the throttle body. Go ahead and remove the air box or at least disconnect the air duct so you'll have access to the inside of the throttle body. Usually its connected only by one clamp.

Start your car a let it run for a minute then slowly spray the contents of the combustion chamber cleaner can directly into the throttle body plate so its going inside your engine. Do this slowly. Your car may cut off a few times. This is OK. Just start your car again and restart the process of spraying the cleaner into your engine.

Once the can is empty turn you vehicle off. Reconnect any air box or air ducts you've disconnected. Let your car sit for ten minutes.

After ten minutes has passed restart your car. You may notice a lot of smoke coming out of your tailpipe. This is normal. That smoke is your engine burning off the cleaner and any carbon that has built up on your intake valves. While in park rev your engine slightly. Continue doing this until there is no more smoke coming out of your tailpipe.

Your done. Its that simple.

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