How to Find Parts for a Redmond Electric Motor

by Rachel Moore
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The Redmond electric motor is a vintage item. It was first manufactured in 1928 in Owosso, Michigan. By 1941 the manufacturer, the A.G. Redmond Company, had produced more than two million electric motors. Although the motors are no longer manufactured, Redmond electric motors are still in circulation. If you come across a Redmond electric motor, chances are it needs some parts. Finding parts for such an old motor is a challenge, but it's not impossible. Once you find the parts, your old-school motor can run like new.

Step 1

Contact your local electric motor parts supplier. Provide them with information about your Redmond motor such as size, model number or serial number. Say for instance, you need a part for a 1.3 amp Redmond electric motor. If the supplier doesn't have the part in stock, the supplier may be able to order the part for you.

Step 2

Browse online for electric motor suppliers. Suppliers nationwide may carry or can locate parts for your Redmond electric motor. Commercial Electric Motor Services in St. Louis at is one example. Suppliers will ship the parts to you.

Step 3

Join or search online discussion forums such as Focus on forums that specialize in vintage or antique electric motors. Conduct a forum search using terms like "Redmond

Electric Motor Parts." Also, post a comment or question about the part your need. Provide as much detailed information about the part and motor as possible. Someone may know where you can find the part you need.

Step 4

Place a classified ad in your local newspaper. Specify the part you need and the motor model. Include your contact information.

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