How to Replace a Wiper Motor in a Dodge Ram

by Alibaster Smith

Wiper motors for your Dodge Ram will need to be replaced as soon as they show signs of failing such as squealing or hesitation. A wiper motor that fails suddenly while you're driving can cause a serious accident. Replacement wiper motors can be purchased from most auto parts stores. The wiper motor for your Ram does not have a specific service life, and failure largely depends on wiper usage.


Open the hood of your Dodge Ram and unbolt the wiper motor from the firewall. The motor is on the passenger side of the engine bay.


Unplug the electrical lead from the bottom of the motor assembly.


Wedge a flat tip screwdriver between the firewall and the wiper linkage, and pry the wiper motor off of the linkage assembly.


Slide the new wiper motor onto the linkage. You will need to apply a fair amount of force to get the motor into place.


Secure the wiper motor to the firewall using the factory mounting bolts.


Reconnect the electrical leads to the bottom of the new motor.

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