How to Package a Tire for Mailing

by Kristi Roddey

Tires require special care to mail them. The price for shipping tires varies by shipping company, so it pays to shop around. It is best to purchase shipping insurance in case your tire sustains damage during the trip. A tracking number will prevent you from having to take part in a wild goose chase to locate it if it gets off course. The instructions below are the recommended packing methods from the United States Postal Service and commercial shipping companies.

United States Postal Service


Place the tire in a large cardboard box.


Fill the area around the tire with crumpled newspaper to prevent the tire from shifting during transit.


Place a cardboard disc large enough to cover the tire's face on top.


Seal the top of the box with packing tape.


Place the box in a second box and secure the top and all seams with packing tape.


Attach a large mailing label to the box with clear packing tape. Make sure the mailing and return addresses are visible.


Take the box to a USPS facility to determine the weight and shipping cost.

Commercial Shipping Companies


Clean the tire thoroughly to help tape or plastic wrap stick to the surface.


Apply a wide band of tape through the center of the tire and then completely around the body of the tire so the tape is attached to itself.


Attach a completed address label to the strip of tape where it covers the tread.


Cover the label with clear tape.


Take the tire to the shipping company's nearest distribution center to weigh it and determine the shipping cost.

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