How to Get an Owner's Manual for a Jaguar

by Eric Scott

Jaguars are sophisticated and complex machines. Even long-time owners need to refer to the owner's manual from time to time. If you lost the manual or purchased the car used and did not receive one, you can purchase a replacement manual from Jaguar.


Go to Jaguar's official website, (There is a link in the Resources section.) Select "North/Central America." Finally, select "United States."


Click on the "Site Map" link on the bottom of the home page. Under the "Owners Support" section, click "Jaguar Manuals." Finally, select "Replacement Literature" and then "View the Literature Store."


Select your vehicle type and the documentation you are looking for, then click "Continue." The owner's manual is referred to as the Owner's Handbook on the Jaguar website.


Select the model year and the document you want to purchase.


Complete your billing information and click "Submit." The documentation will be mailed within a week.


  • check For some models, Jaguar offers a Quick Start Guide. This guide is an introduction to the car aimed at new owners.
  • check If you have a Jaguar made before 2001, you will not be able to buy the owner's manual through the Jaguar website. Your Jaguar service center may be able to help you locate an owner's manual, or you may be able to find one for sale on Craigslist or eBay.

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