How to Get the Outside Temperature on an Infiniti G37

by Vanessa Padgalskas

The Infiniti G37 took the place of the G35 in 2009. The G37 comes in a sedan, coupe and convertible. The outside temperature is displayed on the trip computer, located next to the speedometer. The trip computer displays a warning if the temperature dips below 3 degrees F. Choose the correct setting on your Infiniti G37's trip computer to display the outside temperature.

Turn your vehicle on. The trip computer can only display the outside temperature when your car is running.

Locate the trip computer between the speedometer and RMP gauge. The temperature should appear in the middle of this screen.

Locate the computer switches on the steering wheel to change the trip computer's settings. Look for the button with a hollow square.

Press the button with the hollow square until the temperature appears on the screen. The settings will change in the following order: current fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and speed, elapsed time and trip odometer, distance to empty, outside air temperature, setting and warning check.

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