How to Get Out Of An Arizona Photo Radar Ticket

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Photo radar tickets can be successfully defeated. Many people do not understand how these tickets must be treated by the government to be considered legal. This article explains how to avoid paying these tickets.

In Arizona a citation received in the mail is not valid under state law and it must personally be delivered to you or a competent member of your household for it to be valid. If it is not delivered for 120 days the action must be dismissed without prejudice.

If the action is never served to you in person it is not valid. Do not call the number on the ticket or visit the website on the ticket or the mailed ticket will be considered served and the following methods will not be an option for you.

After being "flashed" Do not answer the door for any strangers and park your car in your garage when going to and from your home. Make sure everyone you live with does the same. If you successfully avoid being served the ticket it gets thrown out.


  • check Create an LLC, Corporation or Family Trust and register your vehicle in the name of the organization. Photo Radar rarely attempts to serve an action on an organization because its nearly impossible to identify the driver.


  • close WARNING!! Alternative Service Issue.
  • close It appears some jurisdictions are ocassionally deploying something called alternative service. Once a Process Server makes 3 attempts to serve at morning, noon and night on different days the prosecution can file a motion for alternative service with the courts. Once this is done the server can return to your home and tape the notice to your front door. Once this is done the prosecution can mail another copy of the ticket and this second copy carries the same legal weight as a ticket handed to you by a police officer.

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