How to Organize a Motorcycle Show

by Donna Thacker

Motorcycle shows are great events to raise money for charities or organizations. Every motorcycle owner loves to show off their bike, and is willing to pay a fee to do so, especially if it is for a good cause. People who don't own bikes like to attend motorcycle shows as well. This is a great fun way to spend the day and contribute to a cause.

Form a committee to help you. You will need to decide on the different classes for the show such as stock motorcycles, custom motorcycles, size of motors and year. The planning committee can decide how many different classes or groups to have. Start out with just a few classes if this is your first time organizing a show.

Choose a date and time for the show. Plan it well in advance to give plenty of time for advertising. Decide on a location where there will be plenty of parking space and a separate space for the motorcycles to be displayed. Check with the city clerk to see if permits are necessary to use a local park. Set a reasonable entry fee that the motorcycle owner will pay to show their bike.

Ask local businesses to sponsor trophies for the classes you have selected. You can give a trophy for first place in each class only, or you can give first, second and third place trophies. Getting businesses to sponsor these trophies will save you money.

Print flyers that give all of the information about the show. List the date, time, type of classes, entry fee and the beneficiary of the proceeds. List the trophy sponsors if you have room. You may even ask a print shop to print the flyers.

Hand out these flyers to all motorcycle enthusiasts. Place one in the local papers or anywhere else you can think of. Ask friends to help circulate these flyers. Find out where the motorcycle clubs and organizations hold their meetings, tell the members about the show and leave some flyers.

Organize all of your registration paperwork and assign certain jobs to those on the committee so that everyone knows what they are supposed to do. You will need a paper for the registrants to sign in with their names, addresses and motorcycle descriptions so that you can assign a class to each. Use 3" x 5" cards to put numbers on the motorcycles so they can be judged.

Ask someone to volunteer to judge each class. These judges should be knowledgeable about motorcycles. Motorcycle dealers are usually willing to help out. A motorcycle police officer is a good choice, too.

Help everyone stay organized the day of the motorcycle show, but keep it fun and entertaining for the attendees as well. Take lots of photographs, especially of the winners with their trophies.


  • check Motorcycle clubs and organizations are a great source for volunteers. Tell them your plans and you will have more help than you'll need.


  • close Be sure to check with your city about any paperwork requirements for event planning or charitable activities.

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