How to Order Replacement Keys for a Jeep Commander

by Cynthia Clark

It is always best to maintain two regular keys and two valet keys for your Jeep Commander. The valet keys only allow access to the doors and ignition, but will not open the glove compartment. Keys for your Jeep Commander must be programmed to your specific model. Having a few keys on hand is more convenient and less costly than trying to replace a lost key at an inopportune time or location.

How to get a replacement key.

Step 1

Obtain a key blank. This is an uncut key made specifically for your Jeep Commander. The key blank is available from your local Jeep dealer or a professional locksmith, and can also be purchased online. When asking for the specific key blank, you will need the last 7 numbers of your VIN. This number can be found on your car title, insurance papers, on the engine or at the bottom of the inside windshield on the driver's side. It is best to call the dealer or locksmith ahead of time, to be certain that they have the particular blank in stock.

Step 2

Have the key blank cut to fit your Jeep Commander. Any Jeep dealership can do this for you and provide the blank. You may prefer to have a professional locksmith cut the key to fit your vehicle, especially if you have lost your only key and want to avoid towing your Jeep Commander to the local dealership. The locksmith can come to your location, and the fee may be less than the dealership's.

Step 3

Have the new cut key programmed to work with your Jeep Commander. Yes, automotive technology has advanced to the point that even the keys must be programed and synchronized with the vehicle's main computer. Both the Jeep dealership and a professional locksmith can program the key for you.

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