How to Operate a Mercedes S430 CD Player

by Patrick Nelson
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Mercedes-Benz S430 Compact Disc (CD) players include a CD changer. The CD changer is located behind the cover on the left side in the trunk. All the CD player and CD changer controls can be operated using a combination of the multifunction steering wheel buttons and the key pads located in the center of the dashboard--the Cockpit Management and Data (COMAND) System. Pressing buttons on the steering wheel alters the display in the speedometer.

Step 1

Remove the CD changer cover. Slide the CD changer door to the right and press the "eject" button, which is marked "EJ." The magazine will eject. Remove the magazine and pull out the trays. Place CDs in each tray recess with each CD's label facing up. Push the trays back into the magazine in the direction shown by the arrow.

Step 2

Push the magazine back into the changer and close the CD changer door.

Step 3

Turn on the radio and select the CD player on the COMAND key pad, which is located in the center of the dashboard.

Step 4

Press a number on the COMAND keypad to select a CD. For example, press "5" to select tray 5.

Step 5

Press the steering wheel "menu" buttons until the "Audio" label appears in the speedometer. The "menu" buttons are the two buttons on the bottom left side of the steering wheel. The icons look like two boxes superimposed on each other. One button selects the next menu, while the other button selects the previous menu.

Step 6

Press the "Up" or "Down" buttons---they are the cluster of buttons above the "menu" buttons on the left side of the steering wheel---until the "Operate CD Player" function appears. The track currently being played will appear on the display. The text "CD" with a numeral next to it indicates the CD tray being played. For example, "CD5" indicates tray 5. The label below that indicates the track being played. For example, "Track 1" indicates the first track.

Step 7

Press the "Up" or "Down" buttons on the steering wheel to choose the desired track.

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