How to Operate an Electric Pallet Jack

by Tammy BronsonUpdated March 16, 2018
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A pallet jack is critical to the functioning of a warehouse simply because all employees have the ability to move freight not just those who can drive a forklift. The size makes the jack versatile and more economical than a forklift. The pallet jack allows any employee to move large stacked items from one area of the building to another other with ease. Workers may not realize the importance of the electric pallet jack until it doesn't work because of subpar maintenance. Routine maintenance of the jack is key to extending its lifespan. Electric pallet jacks raise different safety concerns than manual jacks.

Unplug the pallet jack from the battery charger. An electric pallet jack charges when you plug it into a battery charger. Unplug the battery charger cable before you use the pallet.

Locate the pallet jack control on the handle. The control has arrows pointing up, down, left and right.

Push the forward button on the jack handle to move the jack forward. Press the reverse button to move the jack backwards.

Steer the pallet jack with the arrow buttons on the handle of the jack.

Slide the fork of the jack into a pallet. On the control panel located on the handle of the pallet jacket there are arrows indicating direction. The directional arrows when pressed will move the jack up or down. When you are pulling freight use the directional arrows to make left and right turns. The jack is motorized so as the driver you simply steer, letting the jack do the work.

Plug the electric pallet jack into the battery charger after use.


It is a good habit to keep jacks charged up and ready for use at all times, just in case the power does go out.


When power goes out, unplug all electric jacks. The surge in power when it kicks back on can blow out electric motors and cause batteries to explode.

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