How to Operate a 2007 Tahoe Entertainment System

by Nick Miles

The 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe can be equipped with the optional Rear Seat Entertainment System. The RSE includes a DVD player and LCD screen as well as a set of wireless headphones to allow the passengers in the rear seat to independently enjoy their media. The system can be controlled via the RSE console or the included remote control.

Press the power button on the headphones to turn them on. Use the channel switch to switch between channels 1 and 2. This allows rear seat passengers to listen to the radio while another passenger watches a DVD. Use the volume switch on the headphones to adjust the volume to a comfortable level.

Press the "SRCE" button on the entertainment console to switch between available audios sources. You can select the CD player, radio, XM radio if equipped, DVD player and auxiliary inputs.

Use the "Forward" and "Backward" buttons to search through radio stations or go to the next song on a CD.

Use the "PROG" button to toggle between programmed radio stations.

Press the "Release" button on the overhead screen to open and adjust the screen.

Use the remote control to control the playback of a DVD. The remote includes all of the standard buttons, such as "Play," "Stop," "Pause," "Next" and "Back," as well as arrow keys to navigate through DVD menus. Once a DVD is inserted, playback will start automatically, even if the overhead screen is in the stowed position.

About the Author

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