How to Troubleshoot My Cadillac's Power Seats

by Jason Alexander
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Power seats can add luxury to an already comfortable ride in most Cadillacs. Power seats allow you to customize the support provided by the seat to various parts of your back and thighs. Many Cadillac models also offer heating options for power seats that can come in handy for those in colder environments. Driver's side controls are usually located on the left side of the seat's base. Common problems with power seats typically involve control adjustment, faulty controls and lack of movement.

Step 1

Look under your power seat for any obstructions or debris. These items can cause the power seat to lose its mobility or stop functioning entirely. Remove the debris.

Step 2

Inspect the rails beneath your power seat. Small items, such as change or food debris, can get lodged in the track. Remove all items. Use a flashlight, if necessary. Check to make sure wires are not getting pinched in the rails.

Step 3

Check the fuse box if your seat will not move in any direction or if the heating setting is inoperable. Reference your owner's manual for the exact location of the power-seat fuse if the lid of the fuse box does not have a diagram of the fuses on it. The fuse box is typically located under your dash.

Step 4

Replace the fuse if the link on your current fuse is broken or if it shows signs of damage. A new fuse can be purchased at your local auto parts store if you do not have extra fuses stored in your fuse box.

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