Oldsmobile Transmission Removal

by Nathaniel Miller

To get that grinding and clunking transmission sound to go away, you may need to remove the transmission on your Oldsmobile. The transmission connects the engine to the tires of your vehicle, meaning that if the transmission does not work properly, you may end up stranded. Removing an Oldsmobile transmission is not difficult if you are careful and reasonably mechanically inclined. Most home-based mechanics can remove an Oldsmobile transmission in a single afternoon.

Set Up

The first steps to removing the transmission involve safety. As with any car maintenance in which you are working underneath or around the engine compartment, the car should first be jacked up and stabilized. Drive the car up onto a set of ramps and set the parking brake. Chock the rear wheels to prevent the car from rolling and then disconnect the negative battery terminal cable. This not only prevents any unwanted sparks but also assists in making sure the car does not accidentally roll the engine over while you are working underneath of it.

Remove Peripheral Items

A number of items that surround the transmission will need to be removed prior to the transmission itself being removed. Use a socket wrench to disconnect the exhaust from the headers and slide the pipes out of the way. In some instances, the car's starter may need removed to access the rear part of the transmission. Disconnect the driveshaft from the front yoke and make sure the center crossmember, normally is found directly below the transmission, is removed.

Remove the Transmission

In most instances, the engine will need to be lifted so that the transmission can be pulled away from the lower side. Use a socket wrench to remove the engine-mounting bolts on either side of the frame and connect an engine lift to the engine itself. Lift the engine just slightly so that the back of the transmission drops by about an inch. Use a socket wrench to remove the eight to 10 mounting bolts surrounding the housing of the transmission itself. Slide a jack up underneath the transmission and remove the last bolt, letting the weight of the transmission rest on the jack. Slowly let the jack down and lower the transmission out from under the Oldsmobile.

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