How to Take Off the Steering Wheel in a Chevy Astro AWD

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Sometimes steering wheels need to be replaced, or removed to access the internal parts of the steering column. Removing the steering wheel from a Chevy Astro AWD does not require advanced mechanical ability, but you must exercise some precaution.

Park the Astro on level ground and completely straighten the steering wheel. Get out of the vehicle and check the front wheels; the wheel must be 100 percent straight to mark the position of the steering wheel for re-installation.

Pop the hood and disconnect the Astro's battery using the pliers. The battery must be disconnected to allow the airbag system to disarm. Wait one hour after disconnecting the battery to begin removing the steering wheel.

Locate the bolt for the airbag hub underneath the steering column. You may have to tilt the wheel up to easily access it. Remove the bolt using the socket wrench and set it aside.

Carefully pull the airbag hub from the center of the steering wheel. Disconnect the connection module between the hub and the wheel. Set the air bag aside, facing up.

Use the marker on the inside edge of the steering wheel and its mounting bracket. You must properly line up the steering wheel when you re-install it. Use the socket wrench to remove the center bolt. The steering wheel will easily slide off.


  • check Bring multiple socket-wrench heads. The size of the bolts will depend on the year model of your Astro. The same process is used to remove the steering wheel from the Chevy Astro 2WD, as well as its GMC version, the Safari.


  • close Airbag systems can be dangerous. Never remove a steering wheel without disconnecting the battery first and waiting at least one hour.

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