How to Replace a Clockspring in a Dodge Ram

by Editorial Team

Your Dodge Ram may come equipped with an airbag and steering wheel speed controls that, along with the horn, obtain their electrical power through the use of a clockspring. This mechanism lies in the steering wheel shaft and its malfunction can present itself when the airbag light stays on. Replacement of a damaged clockspring is vital to the proper function of the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS).

Step 1

Unhook the negative battery cable and allow your Dodge Ram to sit for at least two minutes before continuing with the clockspring replacement. Let the capacitor discharge during this time to ensure the airbag remains intact during the repair.

Step 2

Turn the steering wheel to align the wheels of your Dodge Ram in the straight forward position. Unscrew the screws that hold the speed control switches to the horn section.

Step 3

Undo the fasteners connecting the airbag at the back of the steering wheel. Pull the airbag out just far enough to disconnect the wires attached to the harness of the clockspring wires.

Step 4

Mark the clockspring to aid in replacement of the piece and remove the harness from the steering wheel. Remove the airbag from the wheel and place a matching mark on the steering wheel and the shaft of your Dodge Ram.

Step 5

Remove the nut holding the steering wheel in place and utilize a steering wheel puller to remove the steering wheel. Locate and disconnect the connections to the clockspring and replace the mechanism with a Dorman Airbag Clockspring that fits your Dodge Ram.

Step 6

Connect the clockspring wires and replace the steering wheel, clockspring harness and airbag module in the reverse order of their removal. Reattach the battery cable to your Dodge Ram to complete the replacement.

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