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How to Take Off a Front Bumper From a Ford Taurus

by Chris Moore

The front bumper on your Ford Taurus is often the first thing to get hit in a wreck, at least in a head-on collision. In most cases, you should only take off the front bumper if you are immediately replacing it--unless you need to create a mold for a car-kit bumper, after which you should put the original bumper back on right away. Removing the front bumper of a car is usually a two-person job.

Step 1

Disconnect the car's negative battery cable. Make sure the headlamp switch is turned off.

Step 2

Raise at least the front end of the car with a jack and support it on jack stands. Remove the front wheels, using the "five-star" pattern with the lug wrench where you remove one nut and then move to the nut opposite the previous one.

Step 3

Disconnect the wiring harness for the turn signal and side marker lamps on each end of the bumper. These connectors should be located behind the bumper.

Step 4

Open the car's hood, remove the headlamp's fasteners, pull the headlamp out and disconnect its electrical connector. Remove the housing screws or bolts for the headlamp housing--they vary depending on the year of the Taurus.

Step 5

Remove the screws that are inside the openings for the headlamps. Remove the radiator air deflector panel from under the car. Disconnect the electrical connectors for the fog lamps if the car has them.

Step 6

Remove the inner fender liner by removing the screws and push pins connecting the liner to the radiator air deflector and car body and then pulling the liner away from the fender well.

Remove the nuts attaching the bumper to the fenders, the bolts connecting the bumper to the radiator support and the push pins securing the bumper to the grille and grille opening. Have an assistant slide the bumper forward and off of the car.


  • You may need to make adjustments in this procedure if the fender is broken or otherwise damaged.
  • If the Taurus is a 1999 model or earlier, remove the headlamp housing screws on top of the housing with a flare-nut wrench and loosen the pinch bolt. On 2000 and later cars, remove the one bolt near the grille opening and pry up the retaining rods at the headlamp housing's outboard end.
  • To remove the push pins connecting the inner fender liner to the body, pry up the push pins with a screwdriver and pull them out with needle-nose pliers.

Items you will need

  • Lug wrench
  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Wrenches
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers

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