How to Obtain Handicapped License Plates

by Sondra Crane

Obtaining a handicapped license plate or placard for your car will enable you to park close to your destination. Vehicles that display these plates, or have permits and a placard hanging on their car, are allowed to park in designated areas marked for the disabled. In order to get handicapped plates, you should be under the care of a physician for a specific medical condition that fits the disability definition.

Disability Placard

Fill out an Application for Disabled Person Parking Permit form and sign it. Have your doctor complete the ''Disability Statement'' section of the permit application attesting to your specific disability. Contact your county's license plate office, if needed, for more information and locations.

Submit the application and payment to your county tax office. Fees differ from state to state.

Submit the form by mail or present it in person to your local county tax collector's license plate office. It take less time if you are allowed to make the payment via the Internet, along with a faxed copy of the completed form and of your driver's license.


  • check Each state and county might have their own forms and costs. Please contact them for exact information pertaining to your particular location.
  • check Search the Internet for faster and more complete information for your state.


  • close Parking in a designated disabled parking site when not authorized is illegal and you can be fined.

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