How to Protect a Car From Getting the Tires Slashed

by MaryFenton

Preventing your car from getting its tires slashed can be a challenge if you are parking outside at night, and even more challenging if there is a high crime rate in your neighborhood. The truth is, if somebody has set out to slash your tires, they will most likely get away with it. You may want to think twice before you park your car outside and follow these safety tips.

Step 1

Find a well lit and secure place to park your car. If you do not have a garage, or are parking away from home, try to find a secure and well lit public garage. If one is not available and you must park on the street, park in a spot that has a good amount of street light. If you do not have a garage at home, try to find a nearby garage that you can rent. There may be a neighbor with extra space.

Step 2

Install motion sensor lighting in the front of your home if that is where you are parking. The sudden onset of lights may scare the slasher away.

Step 3

Put security cameras in the front of your home. If your tires are slashed, you may be able to identify the person from the video. Also, the cameras may deter criminal activity from happening in front of your home.

Step 4

Report the slashing to the police. Having the crime on record will help especially if this is a repeat offender. The police may keep an extra eye out in a area that is reporting numerous slashings. The offender may also be wary to strike again if he knows the police are watching.

Step 5

Start a neighborhood crime watch if this is happening repeatedly in your neighborhood. Offenders will strike less if they know they are being watched.

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