How to Get a Hardship Driver's License in Georgia

by Mary Jane Freeman

If your driver's license has been taken away in Georgia, you may be eligible for a limited driving permit, also known as a hardship driver's license. Limited driving permits allow you to legally operate a vehicle in the Peach State, but not without restrictions. If you violate these conditions, your permit can be revoked.

Removal of Driving Privileges

The Georgia Department of Driver Services can eliminate your driving privileges through cancellation, revocation and suspension. DDS will cancel your driver's license if information is wrong or missing from your application, or it determines you don't qualify for one. You can reapply once you have corrected the problems. When DDS takes away your driving privileges for a specific amount of time, your license has either been revoked or suspended. You can apply for limited driving privileges during a suspension, but not a revocation. You must wait out the period, then apply for a new license.

Eligibility for Limited Driving Permit

DDS suspends licenses for a variety of reasons, including not showing up to court for a traffic violation and driving under the influence. The reason determines if you can apply for a hardship license. For example, you aren't eligible if you failed to pay child support or drove without insurance. You could be if the suspension was for getting too many points on your driving record or DUI. If DDS approves the hardship, you may have to agree to whatever limitations it sets. Some of those include driving only to and from certain locations, not using certain vehicles and only driving during specific times of day.


You can submit an application for a limited driving permit to a local DDS customer service center. They're also accepted by mail at the Georgia Department of Driver Services, Customer Service, Licensing and Records Division, P.O. Box 80447, Conyers, Georgia 30013. Applications may be obtained by phone at (678) 413-8400 or from your county's government or law enforcement website. Include personal information such as your name, date of birth and address, driver's license number, and the reason why you're requesting the license. The fee is $25, as of 2015.

Additional Considerations

If your application is denied, you can request a hearing to appeal. The request must be in writing and sent to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, Customer Service, Licensing and Records Division, P.O. Box 80447, Conyers, Georgia 30013. DDS will hold the hearing within 30 days of receiving your request. The permit itself can be revoked for such things as violating traffic laws or one of the conditions. DDS can also extend a suspension period for an additional six months.

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