How to Get Points Off a Driving Record in Ohio

by Michelle NatiUpdated September 23, 2022
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In Ohio, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) adds points to a driver’s record for various traffic violations. A driver with at least two points and less than 12 points can get two of those points removed if they take a state-approved remedial driving course. If they get 12 points in two years, they risk a six-month license suspension. After six months, they’ll need to test to get their license back.

What Points on an Ohio Driving Record Mean

Drivers who plead guilty to, or are found guilty of, traffic violations in Ohio get points added to their record. Some violations carry more points than others. For example:

  • Six Points​ — Driving on a suspended or revoked license, street racing, drunk or drugged driving, and vehicular assault can net a driver six points per violation.
  • Two Points​ — Offenses like running a stop sign, failing to signal, not using child restraints and performing an illegal U-turn are two points each.

Points stay on a penalized driver’s record for two years, and if the driver is from out of state, the points typically transfer back to the individual’s home state.

Drivers' records in Ohio are public information, which means employers and insurance companies can access them at any time. If a driver racks up 12 points in two years, they’ll receive a license suspension for a period of six months.

They may be able to retain limited driving privileges, but Ohio does not allow anyone with a suspended license to operate a commercial vehicle. A suspension in the Buckeye State applies to each license held by a driver; therefore, those with driving jobs will likely lose them.

The 6-Point Warning Letter

When a driver accumulates six points on their driving record in Ohio over two years, the BMV issues a warning letter, listing the violations and their point value.

It also outlines the provisions for a 12-point suspension and reinstatement requirements. The agency will send the letter via mail to the driver’s last known address. If a driver reaches 12 points and gets suspended, they have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Serving the six-month suspension
  • Completing a remedial driving course
  • Filing a certificate of insurance (i.e., an SR-22/bond)
  • Paying a fee for reinstatement
  • Retaking a full licensing test

How to Get Points Off Your License in Ohio

There’s no real way to remove all the points from a driver’s record in Ohio, but a driver with at least two points and less than 12 points can sign up for an approved Ohio remedial driving course to get a two-point credit.​ After completing the course, the driver can apply to the state registrar to have the credit removed.

A driver has three limitations in receiving a two-point credit after completion of a remedial driving course:

  1. The registrar cannot approve any point credits for a driver completing the course if the driver’s license has been suspended by court order.
  2. The registrar can only approve a single two-point credit in a three-year period.
  3. A registrar cannot approve more than five two-point credits on a driver’s record in their lifetime.

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