How to Obtain a Disabled Parking Permit in South Carolina

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If you are a disabled resident of South Carolina, you can request a disability parking permit in the form of either disability license plates or disabled parking placards. In order to qualify for a permit, your physician or doctor must certify to the type of disability and the estimated duration. They must also indicate what devices are needed to assist with mobility. Read on to learn more.

Determine if you have the type of disability that will qualify for parking placards or license plates under South Carolina law and that your physician can certify the disability as an obvious walking impairment.

Download and print the disability parking permit application form DMVB-16 from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Complete the applicant information in Section 1 of the form. Select the type of permit that you are requesting, either disabled parking placard or disability plate. You must also certify that you will maintain insurance liability coverage on your vehicle during the registration period.

Provide your physician with the application form so that the certification of your disability can be made in Section 2 of the form. If your physician has determined that the disability is temporary, the estimated duration of the impairment must be included. If you have lost one or both legs, or both hands, you can appear in person at a DMV office and no physician certification is required.

Send the completed and certified application to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles at the address on the form. Include the applicable fees as detailed in the form for the type of permit that you are requesting. If you are requesting two placards, there is a separate fee for each one.

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