How to Obtain a Disabled Parking Permit in Oklahoma

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All disabled residents of Oklahoma can apply for disability parking permits if they meet the requirements of the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Before applying for a Physically Disabled License Plate, you must apply for and receive a 5-year disability parking placard. Temporary disability parking placards do not qualify you to obtain the disability plates.

Review the disability requirements for obtaining the disability placards and the disability license plates on the Oklahoma MVD website. The primary condition must be a lack of mobility due to a limited ability to walk.

Download the application form for the type of permit that you are requesting. First download and print the application for a Handicapped Parking Placard and complete the required applicant information. The permanent placard must be received before you can apply for disabled license plates.

Give the disability placard application form to your physician for certification of your disability, including whether it is temporary or a permanent.

Mail the completed application for disability placards and related fees to the Oklahoma Tax Commission Motor Vehicle Division at the address on the form.

Apply for disability license plates if you choose to do so after receiving the permanent disability placard. Another medical certification is not required. Print the form from the Tax Commission MVD website and send the completed form with related fees to the Special Plate Section of the MVD.


  • close The medical information included on your application for disability placards may result in a review of your ability to drive motor vehicles.

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