How to Obtain a Disabled Parking Permit in Ohio

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Anyone who has a disability that limits mobility by impeding the ability to walk can apply for an Ohio disability parking placard or disability plates. The disability must be certified by the person's physician or chiropractor. Disabilities that qualify include visual problems, cardiac, arthritic, respiratory and orthopedic conditions. Read on to learn how to obtain a disabled parking permit in Ohio.

Determine that you meet the definition of disability according to state of Ohio regulations and that the medical condition can be certified as a qualified disability by a physician or chiropractor.

Obtain the application forms from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) website. Download "Form BMV 4826" for disability placards, and form "BMV 4705" for disability plates. Complete the pertinent parts of the applicable form.

Request a prescription from your physician or chiropractor which details the nature of the disability and how long the disability is expected to last. The application will be rejected if the expected ending date of the disability is not included. Indicate if the disability is permanent. Placards expire on the date specified by the physician or chiropractor but can not exceed five years.

Take the application form along with the prescription from the physician or chiropractor to any local Deputy Registrar's office, or mail it to Ohio BMV at the address on the form. Enclose the proper fee amounts as shown on the form.


  • close If false information is submitted to obtain disability placards or plates, they will be confiscated and the privilege to obtain such placards and plates will be revoked.

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