How to Obtain a Disabled Parking Permit in Indiana

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Indiana residents who have a disability that limits the ability to walk are eligible to apply for a disabled parking permit. The types of disabled permits include disabled license plates which are only issued for permanent disability, and windshield placards which are issued for temporary or permanent disability. The disability must meet the definitions of disability per Indiana law. Read on to learn how to obtain a disabled parking permit in Indiana.

Make the determination that you have a temporary or permanent disability as defined by Indiana state law. The types of disabilities include impaired ability to walk, a cardiac condition, and arthritic or similar conditions.

Download the "Application for Disabled Parking Placard" or "Disabled Plate-State Form 42070" from the Indiana BMV website. If you are requesting disabled license plates, complete section one, otherwise complete section two for disabled parking placards. Note that the inclusion of the applicant's social security number is mandatory.

Give the application to your physician or other authorized health professional so that the Practitioner's Certification in section three can be completed. The certification will indicate whether the disability is temporary or permanent. The expected date that a temporary disability will end must be filled in. The applicant is responsible for any cost associated with obtaining the practitioner certificate.

Take the completed application form to a license branch in your county of residence if you are applying for a disability plate. If you are applying for a disabled parking placard, take the application form to any Indiana license branch. There are no additional fees associated with the issuance of the disability plates or the placards.


  • check If a disabled placard was previously issued for a permanent disability, a disability plate can later be requested and the person with the disability can self-certify to the disability.

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