How to Obtain a Disabled Parking Permit in Arizona

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Disabled Arizona residents, including those who are hearing impaired, can apply for disability placards and plates. You must meet the definition of disabled according to the state of Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). The permits for hearing impaired persons do not allow special parking privileges, but are issued to alert others to a driver with impaired hearing.

Verify that you meet one or more of the disability conditions specified in Arizona DMV regulations. Your physician or other authorized medical professional, including a hospital administrator, must also provide a medical certification.

Download the application form MVD 96-0104 Disability-Hearing Impaired Plate/Placard Application from the Arizona Department of Transportation MVD website. Complete the applicant information required and select the type of permit, either placard or plate. Only one placard can be issued.

Ask your physician or other authorized medical professional to complete the medical certification on the application. They must indicate whether the disability is permanent or temporary. Temporary certifications must be re-certified after 6 months if the disability continues.

Send the completed and certified application form to the MVD Special Plates Unit at the address shown on the application form. There are no fees charged for a numbered placard or plate. Personalized plates do have a fee charge. Hearing impaired plates are denoted by the letter "H" in front of the plate numbers.


  • close If plates or placards are used in violation of Arizona law, it may result in fines and suspension of the plate or placard.

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