Nissan Frontier Troubleshooting

by Ken Hamilton

The Nissan Frontier is one of the most popular pickup trucks manufactured by the Nissan Motor Company. The Frontier is popular among sports-minded people who want a dependable vehicle that comes with a reasonable price tag. The vehicle is produced with both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive transmissions. Although the Nissan Frontier is a relatively reliable and dependable machine, you should still know how to troubleshoot the vehicle in case it malfunctions and needs repair.


Check out the lamp assembly. Always check the lamp assembly in older Nissan Frontiers. During 2001, Dope Incorporated manufactured the lamp assembly for the Nissan Frontier, and the lamp assemblies did not contain side reflectors. These amber-colored reflectors are now mandatory, according to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Apart from the lamp assembly, also make sure that there is a reflector on the corner bumpers of the Frontier. If there are none on your Frontier, make sure that you replace the lamps immediately.

Check the tank shutter valve. Regularly check the tank shutter valve, if you think that your car is using too much gas. When there is a defect in the tank shutter valve, gasoline can escape from the car and leak. Leaks in the tank not only mean that you use up more gasoline, but also mean that you are at risk of fires and explosions. Some signs of a damaged tank shutter valve include gas leaks on the garage floor, quick gas loss and gas smells coming from the car. If the tank shutter valve is not working, you need to drain the contents of the gas tank, remove the shutter valve and replace it.

Use an OBD code reader. Nissan Frontiers manufactured and sold in the United States from 1996 onwards are equipped with interface ports for the OBD II, or On-Board Diagnostic Scanners II, system. You can use an OBDII code reader, available at most auto parts stores, to monitor the car engine's components and acquire emissions information. This should let you know at the earliest possible time when your Frontier needs to be repaired.

Know what the codes mean. Once the OBD II scanner prints out the results, all you need is to determine what the codes mean. The codes are usually alphanumeric: for example, the alphanumeric code P1805 means the brake switch needs to be repaired, while P1900 signals a problem with the cooling fan. You can determine what the codes mean by going to the Nissan website to get a list of OBD II code meanings. You can also use a Chilton manual to decipher the codes.

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