What Is the NADA Blue Book?

by Tucker Cummings

The NADA is the National Automobile Dealers Association, an organization which has been in existence since 1917. The NADA represents car dealers, but also is a great resource for consumers. The NADA Blue Book values are of great use to anyone who wants to know exactly how much a new or used car is worth.


NADA was formed in 1917 by a coalition of automobile dealers who petitioned the US government to reduce the luxury tax on automobiles; after the petition proved successful, they decided to form a permanent organization that would represent the interests of car dealers around the country.

NADA vs. Kelley

The difference between NADA Blue Book values and Kelley Blue Book values is that the NADA value is often higher, since it provides the basis for taxes. The NADA value of a car is compiled by averaging the actual wholesale prices paid in a given area of the country.

Other NADA Services

The NADA provides additional services to both consumers and dealers, such as news about current events in the automotive industry and tips on buying the right car for your needs.

Charity Work

In 1975, NADA created its first charitable organization, establishing the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation, an organization which has since donated over $9 million to many worthy causes.

Accessing NADA Blue Book Values

NADA Blue Book values can be accessed via the internet at nadaguides.com.

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