How Much Oil Does an 86 TRX 250 ATV Hold?

by Robert Good

The 1986 Honda TRX 250 is a mid-size All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) with a 249cc two-stroke engine that holds 2.5 quarts of oil. The engine oil is housed inside the crankcase towards the center of the engine. You must use Honda two-stroke engine oil or equivalent. Two-stroke engines are powerful and you must change the oil often to maintain proper engine function. This is not a time-consuming job and you will need little in terms of tools.

Warm the engine by allowing the engine to run for five minutes. Look at the center bottom of the engine. The round metal nut on the bottom center is the drain plug for the crankcase, which contains the oil. The nut is in clear view as soon as you look at the bottom of the engine. This is the only nut on the bottom of the engine.

Place the oil drain pan under the engine so that the nut on the bottom of the engine is directly over the drain pan. Turn the engine off and remove the nut from the bottom of the engine using the socket and ratchet. Allow the engine oil to drain into the drain pan. Replace and tighten the nut.

Remove the black oil cap from the side of the engine by turning the cap to the left (counterclockwise) until the cap comes off the engine. The oil cap is on the left middle side of the engine just above the foot gear peddle. Insert the funnel into the hole and pour 2.5 quarts of two-stroke engine oil into the crankcase. Remove the funnel and replace the oil cap to the engine by turning the cap to the right (clockwise) until it is snug.

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