How to Get an MSO for a Frame

by Zyon Silket

An MSO is a “manufacturer’s statement of origin.” This document certifies that you purchased your motorcycle frame from the manufacturer. It has the manufacturer’s name, frame’s serial number or VIN number and important information about the frame such as identifiable measurements. It also has a section for transferring the MSO from the manufacturer to the purchaser. If you are building a custom motorcycle and you are using a custom frame, you must have the MSO for the frame to show your state inspector that you did not obtain the frame through unlawful methods. If you do not have this important document, your state inspector will not provide you with a title so you can legally drive your motorcycle on the street.


Purchase a frame from a federally licensed frame manufacturer such as Custom Chrome, Santee, Kraftech or Paughco. Licensed manufacturers imprint a 17-digit vehicle identification number on the frame for titling and automatically include an MSO when they ship your frame to you.


Purchase a frame through a third party vendor if you cannot purchase one directly from the manufacturer. Advise the vendor that you need the MSO because you plan to have the motorcycle inspected and titled in your state. Often the manufacturer sends the MSO to the vendor and the vendor will keep the MSO on file because the manufacturer sends the MSO with the vendor’s information filled out. The vender must sign the MSO over to you so it is in your name.


Request an MSO from non-federally licensed frame manufacturers that contains the serial number stamped onto the frame. The MSO must include the manufacturer's contact information and all frame measurements such as length, backbone stretch, neck rake and tubing size so the state inspector can compare the MSO frame measurements to the measurements they take from the frame. The MSO must clearly state that you are the purchaser of the frame.


Contact the vendor or manufacturer if you did not receive the MSO with the frame. Provide the vendor with the serial or VIN number for the frame. If they do not have your personal information, they will ask for it. They may also ask for a sales receipt or invoice for proof of purchase. The vendor or manufacturer must then send you an MSO for your frame.


  • check You must have an MSO for all frames, engines and transmissions for inspection and titling. As a note, keep every receipt that you obtain while building your custom motorcycle to ensure you do not have any issues with titling.

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