How to Mouse Proof Your Camper

by Kimberly Dyke
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When you take your camper out of storage, it can be frustrating to discover that mice have been vacationing there in the off-season. Mice chew through wiring and cabinets, causing costly damage that must be repaired before the camper can be used. Although mice can easily enter a camper through open doors or windows, they typically find their way in through the openings underneath that are made for pipes and electrical lines. A few supplies from your local home improvement store can mouse-proof your camper so you can enjoy outdoor living.

Step 1

Crawl under your camper to look for any potential mouse entry points. Search all of the places where pipes and wiring enter the camper subfloor. Look over the subfloor for any cracks or holes.

Step 2

Tightly wrap each sewer and water pipe with heavy aluminum foil. Extend the foil 3 to 4 inches past the pipe entrance and flare it out around the pipe, flush against the subfloor.

Step 3

Wrap a cable tie around each foil piece and pull it tight. Repeat with a second cable tie for each pipe.

Step 4

Examine the plastic cover for the power access lines and make sure that it is sealed tight. Call an electrician to wrap any exposed electrical wiring to prevent electrical shock.

Step 5

Cover any remaining crack or hole in the subfloor with silicone to prevent rodents from entering.

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