How to Mount Off-Road Lights on a Bull Bar

by Mark Slingo
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Off-road lights are useful for driving at night on trails, in wooded areas or in other places that are poorly lit. Off-road lights enhance visibility in such challenging driving conditions. They can be mounted either or the roof of the vehicle or, more commonly, to the front of the vehicle, in-between the standard-issue lights. Bull bars provide an ideal mounting for off-road lights. Their installation is simply a matter of wiring the lights to the car.

Step 1

Mount the off-road lights on the pre-drilled holes provided on the bull bars. If there are no pre-drilled holes, drill holes where you would like to position the lights. Use the supplied bolts to bolt the base of the light to the bull bar.

Step 2

Mount the switch in the cab, at a location convenient to you. Run a wire from a 12-volt power source in the dashboard, such as the ignition. Run a wire through a grommet in the firewall to the relay in the engine compartment. Attach the ground wire from the relay to a part of the chassis.

Step 3

Run a heavy gauge wire from the from the relay out to the lights. Split it into two leads at the lights. Be sure that the wire is rated to carry both lights, as it will handle the current for both. Run a ground wire from the lights and attach it to the chassis of the truck.

Step 4

Run a heavy wire with a 30 amp in-line fuse from the positive terminal of the car battery to the relay.

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