How to Run Fog Lights on Parking Lights

by Robert Moore
fog lights on suv image by Kathy Burns from

After market fog lights can be wired to turn on and off with the parking lights, eliminating the need for excessive wire and the installation of a toggle switch.

Step 1

Disconnect the positive and negative battery cables using the wrench set.

Step 2

Remove any protective wire loom from the parking light wires and locate the positive wire for each parking light. Strip back the wire coating about one inch with the wire strippers going to each parking light.

Step 3

Twist the positive wire for the fog light to the positive wire for the corresponding parking light on that side of the vehicle. Repeat for the opposite side.

Step 4

Secure the twisted wires by soldering the connections with the solder gun and solder. Wrap the new splices with electrical tape to prevent any electrical shorts.

Connect all the wiring to the fog lights, and install the fog light ground cable to the negative battery post. Reconnect the vehicles positive and negative battery cables using the wrench set.


  • If a soldering gun is not available, you can use electrical butt connectors as well; however, soldering wire splices is the preferred method.
  • Never assume whether or not a wire is positive or ground, if there is any doubt consult a professional or look up a wiring diagram for your particular vehicle.


  • Electrical systems can only support so much electricity at one time, If this installation method cause a fuse to blow, you must install the fog lights by running their own fused power supply and installing a toggle switch inside the vehicle.
  • A vehicles electrical system can be dangerous, always make sure the battery is completely disconnected before performing any electrical work.

Items you will need

  • Wrench set
  • Wire strippers
  • solder
  • soldering gun

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