What Month Is the Best to Purchase a New Car?

by Samantha Herman

The decision to purchase a new car can be both exciting and nerve-racking. It's exciting because the only thing standing between you and your new set of wheels is the salesperson; of course, it's stressful for the same reason. There is one easy way to ensure you are getting the most car for your buck without having to endure hours of haggling over the price tag: Lay in wait for the perfect month to buy a new car.

November Car Bargains

November is typically associated with the Thanksgiving holiday, but it is also the best month to buy a new car. According to Joe Wiesenfelder, a senior editor for Cars.com, blustery weather and increased spending on small holiday gifts translates to fewer walk-in customers at dealerships. Salespeople feel immense pressure to hook these few potential buyers, even if it means offering deep discounts. The same nasty weather also keeps people from buying convertibles. Rain and snow in late November seems to dampen the imagination, preventing customers from envisioning letting down the top during the sunny days of spring. Andrew Beattie of MotorTorque.com says that convertible sales are always slower in the winter, making it the perfect time for you to swoop in and get a stellar deal.

Changing Out the Inventory

Wiesenfelder also mentions that many new models are rolled out in September and October, which means that the dealerships are trying to clear out their older inventory. By the last two weeks of November, dealerships will do just about anything to get rid of those lingering models. You will have more leverage in terms of price. But the drawback, according to the TrueCar Blog, is that you will have to sift through the remaining models to find one with your desired options. So for November bargain hunters, price must take precedence over options.

End of the Month

Don't just wait for November; bide your time until the end of the month. According to Automotive.com, salespeople are trying desperately to meet their quotas at the end of the month. Unmet goals mean awesome deals for the consumer. If you just can't hold off until November to purchase a car, remember that buying at the very end, rather than the beginning, of any month is a tactic you can use to save some serious cash.

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