How to Modify a Car Dashboard to Look Like a Spaceship

by James T Wood
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Dashboard modification on your car can drastically change the appearance of your vehicle. While you must be sure to leave the essential elements functional and accessible (fuel and speed gauges, shifter, steering wheel and mirrors), you can highly modify the rest of the interior to look like a spaceship. The type of spaceship you want to emulate will affect the accessories you choose, but the basic modifications will be the same regardless.

Step 1

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Measure the panels on your dashboard that you wish to modify. Keep in mind that you will still need to be able to see your gauges, and if your car has an airbag system, it will still need to be able to deploy. Do not cover the airbag panels on the driver or passenger side of the car.

Step 2

Cut the panels to the size and shape of the dashboard panels you wish to cover with the saw. Trim up the edges with the utility knife to create a clean fit between the panels. Glue toggle switches onto the panels to simulate the switches of a spaceship. Don't forget to leave holes for your gauges, radio and airbags.

Step 3

Print labels for the switches to indicate their function. Stick the labels on the plastic panels.

Step 4

Glue the plastic panels over your existing dash panels. Sand the edges for smooth, clean lines.

Step 5

Integrate your existing electronics into the spaceship modification by attaching your navigation system, backup camera, iPod dock or phone dock to the plastic panels. Create labels for your accessories and stick the labels to the panels.

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