How to Measure Rear End Width

by Nathan Gibson
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Accurately measuring the rear end width of a vehicle is sometimes necessary when making modifications or performing certain maintenance tasks on the car or truck. Whether you are constructing a car from the bottom up or trying to replace rear end housing centers, you will need to know exactly where and what to measure in order to know what parts you need.

Step 1

Locate the axle flanges on either side of the rear axle. The flange is the platform on which the wheels are mounted and bolted to the axle.

Step 2

Using a measuring tape, measure from one flange to the other. To ensure an accurate measurement, always measure from end to end where the wheels bolt on to the axle.

Step 3

Record the measurement. If your measurement does not match up exactly with a published measurement for the make and model of the vehicle you are measuring, pair your measurement with the closest rear end width.

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