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How to Make Parking Brake Adjustments in a Geo Tracker

by Contributor

Make parking brake adjustments in your Geo Tracker underneath. Save yourself some time and money by making the adjustments at home instead of taking your car to the mechanic. Adjust your parking brakes when your car starts to slip when parked on a slope. Follow different procedures for the different adjustments for your Geo Tracker. Use both of the procedures for all Geo Trackers.

Inside Adjustment

Step 1

Remove the center console cover around the parking brake lever. Locate the console on the inside of your Geo Tracker between the driver's seat and the front passenger side seat.

Step 2

Adjust the adjuster nut, located at the end of the cable sticking out of the back console of the parking brake lever. Use your pliers to turn the adjuster nut.

Test the parking brake lever by pulling up on the lever until it clicks three to eight notches. Use your pliers to tighten the adjuster nut. Replace the center console cover.

Underneath Adjustment

Step 1

Raise your Geo Metro rear wheels using the jack and support the rear wheels with the jack stands.

Step 2

Adjust the adjuster nut holding the wire covered cables coming from each rear wheel. Move the adjuster nut with your screwdriver until the cables are tight.

Lower your Geo Metro using the jack and remove the jack stands from each rear wheel.

Items you will need

  • Wrench or pliers
  • Jack and jack stands
  • Screwdriver

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