How to Adjust the Parking Brake Cable on a Ford F350

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You can adjust the parking brake cable on your Ford F350 truck in your home garage using a few tools purchased from your local auto parts store. Adjusting the parking brake cable involves removing the slack in the cable.

Step 1

Push the emergency brake pedal as far as you can to the floor.

Step 2

Put wheel chocks behind the front wheels of the truck. Position the floor jack at the rear of the vehicle and raise it high enough to slide the jack stands underneath the truck next to the rear wheels. Lower the vehicle onto the jack stands.

Step 3

Locate the cable rod underneath the truck in the middle. Look for the parking brake cables emanating from each of the rear wheels and running toward the cable rod.

Step 4

Locate the equalizer nut on the cable rod. Tighten it with your pliers by rotating it six revolutions.

Step 5

Set the cable tension gauge to 350 pounds, and attach it to the rear tension cable.

Step 6

Press on the parking brake to release it. Ensure the rear wheels spin forward and backward easily.

Step 7

Adjust the equalizer nut, using the pliers, to 0.38 mm clearance if there is drag when you spin the rear wheels.

Step 8

Raise the truck with the jack, remove the jack stands, and lower the vehicle to the ground. Remove the wheel chocks.

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