How to Replace the Parking Brake Cable on a Chevy Silverado

by Chris Moore
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The main parking brake cable on a Chevy Silverado truck is connected to the parking brake pedal and is routed through to a bracket that connects the two rear cables. This main cable is also comprised of a front cable and an intermediate one. You must use precision and caution when replacing a parking brake cable, as it will greatly affect how the parking brake works. The process can also vary depending on the truck's exact year, so check with your mechanic.


Step 1

Disconnect the truck's negative battery cable.

Step 2

Loosen the equalizer nut on the bracket that connects the parking brake cables underneath the truck using a wrench.

Step 3

Disconnect the front cable from the intermediate cable and then disconnect the intermediate cable from the main bracket. Press the tangs on the cable casing with needle-nose pliers and then pass the cable and casing through the next bracket.

Step 4

Follow the cable to the front of the truck and remove it from all other brackets.

Step 5

Remove the parking brake pedal assembly and disconnect the cable from the pedal assembly.

Peel the carpet back in the truck, pry out the cable grommet in the floor pan and remove the cable from the truck.


Step 1

Feed the cable through the floor pan, connect it to the parking brake pedal assembly and install the cable grommet.

Step 2

Reconnect the parking brake pedal assembly.

Step 3

Feed the cable through all of the brackets under the truck, making sure the circular retainer is in position at the last bracket it goes through.

Step 4

Connect the intermediate cable to the main bracket that includes the rear cables and connect the front cable to the intermediate one. Tighten the bracket's equalizer nut securely until the cables are tight.

Reconnect the battery cable.

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