How to Fix a Throttle Cable

by Alibaster Smith

The throttle cable connects the throttle body of your engine to the accelerator pedal in the passenger compartment. When you press on the accelerator, the cable opens the valve inside the throttle body to allow more air to be drawn in. As this air is drawn in, it creates a vacuum inside the throttle body, which in turn draws in more fuel to be mixed with that air. If your throttle cable is not adjusted properly, then the throttle response in your vehicle will be negatively affected. To fix the throttle cable, you'll need to readjust the cable so that there is proper tension on the cable.

Step 1

Open the hood and locate the throttle body. In most vehicles, the throttle body is located in the rear of the engine bay, connected to the air intake system on one side and the fuel rail on the other.

Step 2

Locate the throttle cable. This is a cable that will be attached to the throttle body. Locate the adjustment screw on the throttle cable. This is a nut that adjusts the tension on the cable. In order to fix a loose or tight throttle cable, you'll need to turn this nut.

Step 3

Place the open ended wrench over the throttle body adjustment nut, and turn the nut either clockwise or counterclockwise until there is about 1/4 inch play in the tension of the throttle cable. For most vehicles, this will be a rough estimate of the tension specification for your throttle cable. Your vehicle should idle around 500 to 800 RPM after adjustment.

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