How to Adjust a Mustang Emergency Brake

by Katebo
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Adjust the emergency brake on your Mustang right from your home garage and save money. You can adjust it from inside the car so you don't have to get yourself dirty by working under the car. I's time to adjust the parking brake when you park downhill and the parking brake starts to slip. This means that the parking brake cable has slackened inside the cable rod and needs to be tightened with the adjuster nut. Tension put on the emergency brake over time causes the parking brake to slip.

Step 1

Locate the parking brake in the front center of the inside of the vehicle. Remove the console cover that houses it.

Step 2

Lift up the emergency brake lever four notches.

Step 3

Look for the parking brake cable rod. On this rod is an adjuster nut. Turn that nut with the pliers until it is loose but make sure it doesn't fall off all the way.

Step 4

Release the parking brake and tighten the nut.

Step 5

Raise and lower the emergency brake lever four times. This will set the adjustment of the parking brake.

Step 6

Park the Mustang on a downhill slant and engage the parking brake only. It should hold the vehicle in place. If it doesn't, repeat the adjustment.

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