How to Make Parking Brake Adjustments in a Chrysler Town & Country

by Editorial Team

Make parking brake adjustments to your Chrysler Town & Country from underneath the vehicle. You need a helper to complete this adjustment. Reset the automatic adjuster to have the Chrysler Town & Country parking brake reset itself. Make this simple parking brake adjustment if your car does not stop from rolling on a slope. Use this procedure for Chrysler Town & Country Minivan built after 1999.

Step 1

Get underneath the Chrysler Town & Country and pull the exposed front section of the front parking brake cable. Pull this backwards and have your helper place the locking pliers on the cable.

Step 2

Put the equalizer onto the front parking brake cable by placing the cable through the equalizer or curved metal plate. Reattach this in the correct position for the automatic adjuster mechanism to readjust the parking brake cables.

Step 3

Install the other cables, called the left rear and immediate parking brake, sticking out by the front parking brake cable. Place these into the equalizer and connect by hand.

Step 4

Take off the locking pliers. This makes the parking brake automatic adjuster put the right amount of tension on all three of the brake cables.

Step 5

Press on the brake pedal and then release the brake pedal one time. This sets the automatic adjuster to finish adjusting all of the parking brake cables.

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