How to Use a Fan Clutch Pulley Removal Tool

by Russell Wood

A fan clutch pulley tool comes in handy whenever you want to remove the cooling fan and clutch from the front of an engine. This tool is designed to go around the nuts that hold the pulley to the water pump, holding it still while another wrench removes the fan clutch itself. These tools can be tricky to use because of the pivoting arm, but once you learn how to use it, their function begins to make sense.

Step 1

Pop the hood of the vehicle you're working on. Locate the pulley that the fan clutch is mounted to, which is in the center of the engine. There are bolts on the pulley.

Step 2

Hook the slotted end of the fan clutch pulley removal tool around one of the nuts on the pulley. Then position the pivoting arm on the tool onto the next closest nut, keeping the two of them held in place by one tool.

Step 3

Use the wrench included with the fan clutch pulley removal tool set onto the hex-head shaft on the fan clutch. Loosen the fan clutch with the wrench while holding the other tool steady. If you find the tool slipping on the nuts, either turn it over and try again, or pinch the two portions of the tool together with your hand. Then remove the fan clutch from the engine.

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