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How to Make Parking Brake Adjustments in a Chevy Avalanche

by Contributor

Adjust the parking brake in your Chevy Avalanche with a screwdriver. All you need is a little time to save you a whole lot of money by avoiding the mechanic. Make parking brake adjustments when your Chevy Avalanche brake does not hold the vehicle in park when on a slope.

Step 1

Put your Chevy Avalanche on the jack stands by raising the truck in the air. Support each rear wheel with a jack stand.

Step 2

Get under the vehicle. Locate the wired cables coming from each rear wheel. They come together with a connecting nut.

Step 3

Use your screwdriver to move the adjuster nut. Test the adjustment by spinning the rear wheels around. If there is no tension, then the adjustment was successful. If there is tension in the rear wheels, then turn the adjuster nut around the opposite way from the first adjustment.

Remove the jack stands from your vehicle. Raise your vehicle up using the jack, then remove the jack stands. Continue to use the jack to lower your truck to the ground.


  • On models 2001 through 2005, the parking brake adjustment makes self adjustments. Pull up on the parking brake lever and then release the lever. Repeat two to three times to have the parking brake self adjust.

Items you will need

  • Jack and jack stands
  • Screwdriver

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