How to Make the Dome Light Come on in a Chevy Truck

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The dome lights in your Chevrolet Silverado are programmed to turn on when one of the doors is open; however, you can manually turn the dome light on by using the dome light dial on your headlight switch. If your dome light does not turn on, there may be a problem with one or more of the components which can be easily remedied.

Step 1

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Examine the headlight switch to the left of your steering column. Your dome light is controlled by a dial. Locate the dial on the headlight switch (to the right of the headlight "On" knob).

Step 2

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Inspect the dome override button below the headlight switch. Press the button to turn it "Off." If the dome override button is pushed in, your dome light will not work: pushing it to the out position will turn it off.

Step 3

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Push the dome light dial up (you'll hear a slight click) to turn on the dome light. You can adjust the brightness level by pushing the dial all the way up or lowering it to the center position.

Step 4

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Inspect the dome light to verify it is illuminated. With the dial raised, the dome light should be on, whether your key is in the ignition or not. If it's not on, you may have a faulty bulb or fuse. Inspect the bulb and replace it if necessary. To inspect the bulb, remove the lens cover from the dome light assembly (use a small screwdriver to pry it off) and determine if the bulb has burned out. If the bulb has burned out, the filament inside the bulb will be disconnected or broken apart. Replace the bulb and try again. If replacing the bulb doesn't help, you may have a bad fuse. The interior light fuse is located in the engine bay fuse box (driver's side near the battery). The fuse is labeled "INTPARK." Inspect the fuse and replace it if necessary.

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