How to Reset the Airbag Light in a Nissan Titan

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The Nissan Titan is a stylish pickup truck that made its debut in 2004, to compete with the General Motors, Dodge and Ford trucks. Like most modern vehicles, the Nissan Titan has an advanced airbag safety computer that can be triggered if you are working with dash components. The result is an illuminated airbag indicator light.

Step 1

Get in your Titan and close all of the doors. Place your key in the ignition and switch from "Off" to "On" without cranking the engine. Immediately turn the key to the "Off" position when the air bag light flashes.

Step 2

Wait five to ten seconds and repeat the procedure two more times to reset your airbag light.

Step 3

Disconnect the negative battery cable for 15 minutes if using the ignition key doesn't work for you. Disconnecting the battery will reset your computer.

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